Economical inventory accounting software for SMEs

One of the leading inventory and accounting software companies of the country, Marg Compusoft, has planned to introduce the most affordable and economical inventory accounting software for small and medium enterprises. The software would be priced at Rs 5,100 only while other softwares in the segment are priced too high, making it the most inexpensive in the country. “We are targeting the SMEs countrywide and all the metros cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Madras and Bangalore would be an important destination for us along with all other major cities where we will focus thoroughly,” says Anup Singh Gaur, CMD, MARG Compusoft.

Marg Compusoft, The Business Backbone, an end-to-end solution driven inventory and accounting Software, after achieving milestones in the pharmaceutical sector, is now making a name in the SME sector. MARG is the most advanced, trade specific, ready-made, customized and more-over personalized “software” in the field of inventory and accounting management and ERP Solutions.

“The SMEs can make use of the MARG software and get rid of all their worries. The software is capable of providing sector-specific solution to industries like pharmaceuticals. The SME sector is one of the most popular and growing industries in today’s date which has a huge demand for inventory and accounting management software. MARG has the expertise as well as it is one of the most advanced and successful software solutions which can exponentially improve the productivity of the SME market,” adds Anup.

“This software is customer-centric, technology-centric and offers regular innovative approach to its users. It provides idyllic and flexible module for every sector and is fully integrated with bills, balance sheets, Advance Financial Management, State Wise Sales Tax/VAT Returns/ E-Returns Reports and registers. TDS/Excise/Service Tax, Automatic Email& SMS Facility, BOM, 18+ type of inventory system, etc,” says Sudhir Singh Gaur, MD, MARG Compusoft.

“Our USP is to develop trade/customer-centric software through complete consultation with the respective customers and trade consultants of every sector. We believe in ensuring total customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality, response time and price competitiveness. That is how we come up with exact solutions as per specific trade demands. We are united by our shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality,” says Sudhir.

Every industry has different requirements and needs, today’s businessmen are looking for such innovative solutions which suits to their business styles. MARG has developed such advanced software solutions which caters to their requirements as per their trade and business specifications. MARG’s R&D department always develops software solutions keeping in mind the current requirements and future demand of the market. It works closely with the customers to meet and exceed their demands thereby, ensuring total customer satisfaction through excellence in response time and price competitiveness.

“As the customers’ requirements are constantly increasing, it is important to have reliable support to keep the programs continuously updated. With its unique and innovative approach, MARG is providing seamless technological support to myriad businesses as compared to its competitors,” says Anup.