Emotional intelligence v/s Emotional fools, Article by Kratika Choudhary

Emotional intelligence v/s Emotional fools, Article by Kratika Choudhary

Emotional intelligence v/s Emotional fools, Article by Kratika Choudhary

Emotional intelligence v/s Emotional fools

Emotional intelligence “a mandatory examination for getting in popular and successful multinational and national companies”. Google Baba says that, Emotional intelligence is the “capacity of an individual to recognize their own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between feelings and label them appropriately “.

According to Famous psychologist MANUELA HEBERLE, who is a faculty of psychology in Park University, Emotional Intelligence involves “Perceiving, Understanding and Regulating Emotions”. While reading the newspaper I came across an Article on Emotional Fools… The very interesting topic for people of my kind, who find psychology and writing both interconnected. A brief idea, which I got from that Article, is “People who are emotional find it difficult to accept reality and thereby, hurt them and usually called as Emotional Fools”.

Being a writer I have this Inbuilt habit of analyzing things in two ways and what I found in my research on Emotional intelligence v/s Emotional Fools is that being emotional is not a problem at all or being emotional is not a thing which always drive you to the back, but it’s a kind of power of an individual to feel the humanity. It will take hardly ten minutes of your life to recall all the cases and headlines of newspapers which prove that the percentage of humanity in humans is decreasing with such a high speed that it will finish all the reasons to call humans as a “creature with feelings”.

Being practical is good and to teach people about the intelligence which they can bring while dealing with the Emotions is a brilliant idea to make our corporate world as better and best, but the innocence and the simplicity, the honesty and the understanding is very much needed in every century. The so called misconception of our 21 st century that this is the time of Machines and we don’t need feeling full humans but we need the computerized workers is as false as the misconception about earth being a circle. There is a thin line between intelligence and foolishness, we just have to judge the actual boundary between two.

We need to measure the length and the width of the boundary. Being emotional does not mean that you are incapable of handling the big projects and managing the Visions and Missions of your Dream Business world but we should remember the strategy that the big and successful companies like “SURF EXCEL” and “TANISHQ” are using. They are approaching the child, the honesty and Innocence inside you. They are not simply trying to make their product marketable, but they are actually doing the “Brand positioning” of their product, just by touching that emotional and sensitive corner of your heart which proves that Yes !! We have Emotions, and that’s why we are Humans.

Guys we just need to differentiate between two as per our criteria. But all you need to remember is that “being emotional is the reason of our existence and not every is blessed with such qualities and powers of understanding and feeling the Happiness and Pain of others”.

So, if you are Emotional than don’t put yourself under the head of fools and don’t try to hide your feelings behind your Anger and Silence, just be open to the world. Feel……love, happiness, laugh, cry, pain and Be yourself…..

Because you are perfect in the world of Imperfection!!