Gang of Women theives bursts, Thanks to Whatsapp

NA, New Delhi
Two women theives have land into jail, thanks to whatsapp. The accused women were picked pocket of a businessman in Chatarpur area. Kali and Hira both are the native of Madhyapradesh have been arrested by Mehrauli Police. Police has recovered three thousand rupees part of the theft money from the accused.
According to the Police incident had occured on 10 August at Agarwal Medical store main road Chatarpur around 2:15pm. A local trader Surender Goel had come to the medical store for puchasing medicines. In the mean time two women had also entered inside the shop and stood besides him. They pretended as customers and went off the shop with in few minutes. Goel had also left for his house. After sometime he came back with his son Abhishek and asked the shop owner Anil Agarwal that if he had found 14,800 rupees in this shop. Anil Agarwal denied to find any kind of abandoned money. Then Abhishek requested to check the CCTV footages. During the scrutiny they had seen that both the women pickpocketed and flown with the cash. Abhishek took the footage in a pendrive and immediately lodged an FIR in Mehrauli Police station.
“Abhishek circualted the footages with the help of whatsapp in whole locality and chatarpur market to aware all the traders from this women thieves gang” said Anil Agarwal. On 13 August around 2pm victim’s employee Mohammed Islam identified both the accused women, who had been travelling in an autorickshaw. He immediately informed this to Abhishek, who had asked him to follow the auto. Abhishek had also left to catch them. After one and a half hours of chase Abhishek succeed to stop the auto and caught both the accused and informed the police.