NA Bureau, New Delhi:

Before the formation of Modi Government good days are arrived to Kashmiri Pandits. Modi has directed to MHA officials to make an action for rehabilitation of five lakh Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley.

As per MHA Sources in a meeting with the officials Would be PM Narendra Modi shown his desire to rehabilitate the refugees of Kashmir. He directed the officials to prepare an action plan, so that we will rehabilitate the Kashmiri pandits as early as possible.

As per the action plan financial help is also provided to the refugees. ₹ 12 lakhs will given to construct the house. ₹ 3 lakh will given to establish their business related to farming. Government will also give ₹ 1000 to the child of refugees’ for education and all other things.

Government is also preparing a strong security plan, so that kashmiri pandits will not face any kind of atrocities from militants and other unsocial elements in the valley. After hearing about this action plan kashmiri Pandits are cheering with a new hope to rehabilitate again in their home land.