Today, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met the CAG today to request an audit of electricity companies in Delhi.

Kejriwal said , “By the time the CAG completes the audit, Delhi Government has decided the electricity bills so that there will be a slash down in the electricity tariffs by 50 % for the households consuming less than 400 units. After the audit is completed we will be able to stabilize these rates on the permanent basis. Currently the total number of household consumers of electricity is 34 lacks and it’s being estimated that around 28 lakhs households will be directly benefitted by this decision.”

This subsidy will most likely put a burden of 200 Crores  out of which around 61 Crores will be borne by Delhi Government and rest will be borne by Electricity Companies.

Kejriwal added that Shiela led Congress Govt. told that High Court denied for any audit of these two electricity companies but when AAP ministers reviewed those files, they found no objection from Delhi High Court over such audit.

Kejriwal also announced a relief for Industrialists by extending the last date for the submission of AR1 form and R10 form till 31 Jan 2014