Agency, Banglore:

ISRO is gearing up for trans-Mars injection of the country’s
Mars Orbiter Mission on December1 and has planned four mid-course
corrections in case of anydeviation along its path to Martian orbit.

The trans-Mars injection- we are planning to depart on December 1,
2013 early hours of 00:49 hours IST and we are going to burn a liquid
engine for duration of roughly 23 minutes which will impart an
incremental velocity of 648 metres per second consuming a fuel of
198kgs,” ISRO Scientific Secretary V Koteswara Rao told reporters

He said “then it travels a long path….after travelling roughly 680
million kilometres through this path, it comes closer to Mars that is
on September 24 of next year 2014.”

ISRO would closely monitor if there is any minor deviation in the
path, Rao said. “We have planned right now four mid course
corrections, first one will be around December 11- plus or minus a
couple of days depending on thedeviation how it is going.”

“Second one will be in April 2014, third one will be in August 2014
and the last one- the fourth one will be on September 14 that is 10
days before we insert into Martian orbit. Couple of day’s uncertainty
will be there….,” he added.

Mars orbiter spacecraft was launched on board PSLV rocket on November
5 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

Another major operation during the mars orbit mission will be mars
orbit insertion “which is going to happen on September24, 2014 early
morning 07:14 hours as per our present estimate,” Rao said.

He said, “There again we will burn the liquid engine, this will be for
duration of 58.8 minutes, breaking velocity we apply at 1,109 metres
and another 247 kgs of fuel will be consumed.”  “With that it will get
inserted into Mars…,” he added.