‘It’s all in the mind’ article by PREETI CHOUDHARY

“It’s all in the mind.” And when I look around, I see people swearing, chit-chatting, vexing and troubling their minds. Yes, their own minds and finally they fall into the dark hole of life with just one incident, which, in good faith, has happened to them. And it is that much common now days and with this, unfortunately, equally perplex. We can call it an emotional stream where all feelings come from a single side, the negative one.

Stress and self-hatredness give an easy way to Depression, and then it conquers and survives over us. And it grows like an exponential graph and creates abode for other life-enemies like sorrow, anger, self-loathing, etc. and etc.  In Bible, there is a saying about self-hatredness, “Anyone who is without God and without hope or who adopts the world’s values may come to view life as futile and hate living.” And here we are, lonely, away from others and distant from ourselves, can’t we just take a pause and think for a while that whatever has happened to me today, is it worth to spend even a moment behind it weeping. Is it a big mountain of troubles or a long way of bad life or is it a deepest stream of sorrows? What it is? Is it really worth to give our all faith, precious life moments, dreams, and affection and off course ourselves after a thing which actually does not exist. Absolutely not because sorrow really doesn’t exist, we only create them by ourselves. And we can’t bend down before the rings of self-created troubles, because every panic situation starts from our mind, we should practice a great control on it . Many times, we meet only failures, unfaithful souls, one-sided loves, unaccomplished goals, broken dreams, and heartbreaking things. It seems as our life is fighting against us, it doesn’t mean to simply back down. Fight back and then see the difference, our life will fight for us. So, Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Think once before act, before feeling low, before being self-hatred. Analyze, why sorrow comes to us? Because to leave us with bare hands, so that our future can give us something new, better and the best. Love yourself, love your life because, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”