India Mars Orbiter 2013

India Mars Orbiter 2013












India launched its first rocket to Mars today, aiming to put a satellite in orbit around the Red planet at a lower cost than previous missions and potentially positioning the emerging Asian giant as a budget player in the global space race.
The Mars Orbiter Mission blasted off from the southeastern coast with the satellite scheduled to start orbiting Mars by September, searching for methane and signs of minerals.

Eminent missile expert PK Ghosh has said with successful Mars mission launch, India has exhibited its technical ability to the world.

Ghosh said the Mars orbiter launch has proved the outstanding potential of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) at global arena. Its technological ability is comparable to any other organization in the world, he added.

Congratulating Indian scientists for their work, Ghosh said that India’s stature has definitely shot up in the world after the launch.