Modi roars and blasted UPA Government in Vikas Rally at Delhi

Modi roars and blasted UPA Government in Vikas Rally at Delhi

Modi roars and blasted UPA Government in Vikas Rally at Delhi









People hoped for a political change in India as Mr. Narendra Modi roared during Vikas Rally in Delhi’s Japanese park on Sunday. Modi shared the stage with Former chief of BJP and currently incharge of Delhi, Nitin Gadkari, Navjot Sing Sidhu , Vijay Goel etc.

BJP Sources Said, “Earlier Modi was not ready to address this rally since the Delhi BJP’s unit is not fully unite but due to Nitin Gadkari’s request he agreed to address the Vikas Rally in Delhi.”

Modi said that, ” Delhi’s Chief minister Shiela Dikshit  is the most relaxed chief minister in India’s politics since if anybody asks question regarding the maintenance of the roads and infrastructure then she blames the MCD and if the question is regarding the law and order then she simply says that Police is under the Central Government and hence she can’t do anything in these matters. She has only one job which is cutting the ribbons only.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not capable of taking any decision of his own and Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Ganhi drives him and

Modi condemned the pakistan’s PM for calling  Manmohan Singh a ‘Dehati Aurat’ who complains about Pak to Obama.

He also raised the issue for India’s relations with Pakistan and the way Prime Minister Manmohan Singh put these issue infront of International community is not sufficient for the the growth of India. And if there is no respect of Manmohan singh within the party then how we can expect the respect for our Prim minister in the international community. Rahul Gandhi has insulted Manmohan Singh over the issue of the ordinance for the tainted politicians recently. He alleged that the Mother, Son, Son-in-Law running the government in Delhi.

Apparently, the magic of Narendra Modi ran over all the sections of Delhi and now the youth seems to be most impressed with the Modi. Since everyone in India is expecting the change in Politics.