Diwali crackers create problem for Lung and Heart patients

Mahender singh, New Delhi:diwali smoke

The festival of lights, Diwali, is incomplete without gorging on
delicacies and bursting firecrackers but medical experts have raised
an alarm for patients already suffering from lung and heart diseases,
blood pressure and diabetes asking them to be cautious as tiny
negligence on their part might worsen their condition in this festive
Speaking on the rise of respiratory & heart problems during Diwali, Dr
Purshotam Lal Chairman of Metro Hospitals and Heart Institute said,
“During Diwali,  cardiac & respiratory problems are on the rise due to
increase in pollution due to fire-crackers. The climate also changes
during this time and patients of bronchial asthma are more prone to
developing infections.”
“People suffering from heart problems might get startled by the loud
noise of crackers which is extremely dangerous for them. Heart and
lung problems such as Asthma can get worsened,” said Dr Anil Dhall,
Director of Cardiology at Delhi Heart and Lung Institute.
Doctors say that after the festive season is over, a swarm of patients
queue up complaining of high blood pressure, diabetes and breathing
problems which is a result of their carefree attitude and
over-indulgence in food and crackers ignoring the doctors’
“Harmful air pollutants lead to cardiovascular diseases such as artery
blockages leading to heart attacks. The polluted environment due to
cracker’s smoke is very harmful as it leads to increase in fine
particulate matter which triggers heart attacks, insufficient blood
supply to heart and congestive heart failure,” informed Dr Mohit Dayal
Gupta, Associate Professor of Cardiology at GB Pant Hospital adding
that patients must stay indoors during Diwali and take their medicines
regularly to avoid aggravating their problems.
According to Sandeep Sindhu, Senior Consultant, ENT at Indraprastha
Apollo Hospitals, “The level of suspended particles in the air
increases alarmingly during Diwali, causing breathing, eye, throat and
nose problems. The pollution level shoots up due to lighting of
crackers during the festival and people with respiratory diseases like
asthma, bronchitis.