Replete punishment but partial justice in Delhi’s gang rape.

JuvenileAccused_imgThe juvenile accused in the December 16th gang rape has been sentenced a 3 years’ juvenile detention as a punishment. This juvenile accused is said to be the most brutal during this entire crime and caused the maximum injuries to both the victims.

This accused is merely 6 months short of the age of majority as per the law and this is the maximum punishment that can be awarded under the juvenile justice act.

This accused has already spent eight months in the judicial custody which might get deducted from this three years punishment and he may only be detained for another 2 years 4 months only.

Victim’s family is reluctant to this verdict and they demanded the death sentence for the accused.

The other four accused are being tried in a fast track court in Saket and the people are eyed upon the verdict on those and the victim’s family is now expecting atleast the death sentence for those accused.