Aligarh UP: Youth Initiative for Peace and Harmony (YIPH), which is a group of young people is very disappointed with the participation of the few film stars in SIFAI Mahotsav, since a massacre took place in the state just few month back. And the riot victims are still struggling with biting cold in the camps where a numerous children have lost their lives due to the mismanagement from the State Government.

Jasim Mohammad of YIPH said that we have decided to boycott the Salman’s upcoming film ” JAI HO ” in Aligarh , Jasim added,”Samajwadi party’s supremo Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav should have cancelled or postponed the Saifai Mahotsav due to Muzaffarnagar Riots if he was really sensitive towards the people.”

He condemned Salman khan and Madhuri Dixit for their participation in the Bollywood night in Saifai and he also requested these actors to come and visit the relief camps in muzzafarnagar and feel how these people are leading their lives.